After The Quiet

Darlej, haven of Bahamut.

I am just going to write in a series of events until I can stir up the juices enough (or we have an adventure exciting enough) to deserve prose.

  • The twins entered the Northern Hub town of Darlej, the location well known to be the final resting place of Bahamut.
  • They spoke briefly with well-clothed thieves, but are unaware of their affiliation, or their intentions.
  • They turned down an offer to hit a departing caravan for the thieves, and instead opted to sign on for another job as merchant guards. Their benefactor is an elven sword-seller named Amras Calafalas.
  • After pick-pocketing a Curio Merchant they explored Darlej before their departure, eventually coming across an altercation between two groups of robed men.
  • The Disciples of Rennako attacked Kilentho Agruid, the Chief Bishop of the Temple of Bahamut. The twins stepped in to stop the fight, but ultimately killed four of the Disciples, while a solitary mage fled.
  • They were then admonished by the town guard and tried to loot their enemies, but Kilentho refused, offering money from his own pocket instead.
  • Their caravan left and was ambushed just a few miles north of the Basalt Ledge by a mixed group of human and halfling bandits. Two of Amras’ servants were slain, but in the end the cargo was safe.


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